Sunday, August 26, 2012

On This Day in Elizabethan History: Queen Elizabeth & her Court Depart from Shaw House

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, c.1590, residing in Jesus College, Oxford. Picture acquired through Wikimedia Commons. Image public domain.

On this day in Elizabethan history, 1592, Queen Elizabeth and her court left Shaw Manor, Newbury, in West Berkshire. Queen Elizabeth's progress that year took her on a tour of the southern part of her realm.
Shaw House in West Berkshire has a new temporary exhibit centered around Queen Elizabeth I's royal progress in 1592. According to the Shaw House website, the manor enjoys the distinction of being one of only a few locations Queen Elizabeth I visited that is still standing! For more information on this family-friendly exhibit, visit: Monarch on the Move: Queen Elizabeth's Visit to Shaw House.

A view of Shaw House in West Berkshire from a modern paved road. Picture acquired through Wikimedia Commons courtesy of Julian Tubb. Image public domain.

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