Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...(and bloggers)

Dearest readers,

I have missed you all so very much! I had big plans this week to post two major articles, but of course I should never have dared to hope that this would actually happen, as I am the embodiment of Murphy's Law, and everything that can go wrong, will.

This week I moved to my new abode (to be closer to my place of work. I love my job, and I would probably live at the museum if I could, but I think that constitutes as loitering) had a surgery, and had two very prominent cable companies (I am not naming names) throw several unexpected curve balls that have prevented me from re-connecting to the Internet. I write this sullen blog-post to you now at that greatest of public institutions, the library. I would like to share with you what I have been working on, so that you can have something to look forward to in the weeks ahead. I cannot wait to share my work with you!

Many of you this week likely celebrated Valentine's Day-I had intended to post an article examining the relationship between Elizabeth Tudor and Robert Dudley on the 14th, but since I had no access to the Internet, I had no way of typing it into Blogspot.

Secondly, on the 18th we have the anniversary of the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots. I was diligent in my re-examination of the personal, political and spiritual ramifications of this event in Elizabeth's reign, and as I cannot foresee having Internet by the 18th, the sharing of that article will have to wait as well.

Also, one of my Twitter followers/blog readers @RebeccaHoyt has become interested in the Prince Tudor/illegitimate child of Elizabeth I theory, most recently explored in that already infamous film, Anonymous (why, Rhys Ifans, why!?!). I was flattered when she asked me for my opinion, and I gave it (I do not subscribe to the theory for a number of reasons) and I forwarded her to my two articles on the Earl of Oxford. Her inquiry has inspired me to write an article on the Prince Tudor theory, detailing the arguments for and against it. I am brainstorming a way to approach this most dangerous of conspiracy theories in an impartial light. I want to thank you, @RebeccaHoyt for the motivation!

I am still editing both the Elizabeth/Dudley and the Mary Queen of Scots drafts, and tying up a few loose ends, but I hope to share them with you as soon as time (and Internet access) allow. The upcoming month of March is a big one for me and my co-workers at the museum; This year I will be running not one, but several Elizabethan/16th century programs that I look forward to with every fiber of my being, so I will do my best to balance the blog with my program preparations.

I hope by now you realize that have not forgotten about you; I feel so honored that you continue to read my blog and share in celebrating Elizabeth's life with me. My commitment to this most impressive of monarch's will prevail until the day I die, so you can look forward to many more articles on this blog in the future!