Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elizabethan Fact of the Day: Trinity College

In January of 1592, Elizabeth I founded Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, which continues to thrive to this day. Some of the greatest literary minds attended and/or graduated from Trinity College, and I myself was lucky enough to visit the illustrious campus several summers ago. I enjoyed a tour of the college's campus, and also, of course, viewing the Book of Kells, which culminated with a visit to Trinity's rare book library. I have never had so many goosebumps as when I walked into the multi-tiered library of ancient and early modern books!

Presently, there is a white tower in the center of the common area, (or a "quad" as we call it here in America-I think "common area" sounds more distinguished, don't you?) and as the legend goes, if a virgin walks under the tower, the bell in its belfry will ring!

Trinity College Tower

I never heard the bell ring when I was there, which either means that there were no virgins present, or that the legend was false-one will never know! In any case, I am certain that if Queen Elizabeth I were to walk under that tower, the bell would ring out loud and clear!