Sunday, February 19, 2012

Look what Bess has Been up to! (Ahem, Grace O'Malley...)

I wanted to share with all of my valued readers what I have been up to! I am very pleased at the success of my most recent project at work, which is not so much a personal success but a collaborative effort with all the wonderful, talented people I work with!  True Stories of Women Pirates is a proud moment for the women in my department, and at the risk of sounding nineties cliche, I am going to say it: Girl Power! You can all read about it HERE.

For my solo Grace O'Malley program next month, I will have had made an historically accurate 16th century gown so that I am properly attired as the Irish Pirate Queen! 16th century Irish clothing is very different from Elizabethan clothing (and much simpler, may I add!) but there are very few remnants in existence today, which makes accurate construction difficult. Thankfully, those talented seamstresses at Reconstructing History have provided a very good, well researched pattern of the 1560's Shirone Gown!

I will share pictures of it when it is all done!