Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anne Boleyn: Part 3 of 3-An Honorary Man

Parts 1-3 of our Anne Boleyn article are now revised, expanded upon and annotated! Please view and comment on the finalized article, Anne Boleyn: Mother of the Virgin Queen.


  1. I have never seen so much interesting, engaging and intriguing knowledge of the tudors in one spot. this blog makes my day! I had no idea that he named a ship after Mary Boleyn. I wonder how her sister felt about that? I couldn't agree more that Anne lived on with Elizabeth. When I watch or read Elizabeth books or movies my heart just stops and I get major chills.

  2. @thetudorrevolution You are too kind! We are glad our blog makes your day-because your comment made ours! I am so glad you appreciate the research and knowledge I put into this article: This site is a labour of love, all for the glory of Elizabeth!

  3. Well, in all fairness, you are very opinionated too. Which is nice, but can also cloud your judgement.

  4. @BB Yes, I am opinionated on the subject of Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth. While I understand that a historian must have no nationality or allegiances in order to make a fair assessment of their subject matter, there are some things that I do have strong opinions on. But I assure you and all of my readers that these opinions are based on years and years of reading and research of primary documents and only the most reputable secondary sources.
    I would assume you are specifically referring to my treatment of Catherine of Aragon in this three part series; I respect and admire Catherine, but I think that it is important to show that she was not simply the demure "saint" that she has been portrayed to be, just as Anne Boleyn is not the "whore" that she has been cast as. People are far more complex than that!
    Thank you for your comments; as always, I value feedback and appreciate all who take the time to read these posts!