Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elizabeth Tudor: Her Letters, Poems and Speeches

I am overjoyed at the positive feedback I have been receiving for BeingBess! Your love and support warms my heart and galvanizes me to do my very best!

Before I post my first academic article, I thought it fitting to publish on this site Elizabeth Tudor's letters, poems and speeches, so that, if you are interested, you can easily access these primary documents, all in one place: !

I will provide an explanation with each of Elizabeth's writing samples, in order to provide historical context  so that you can better understand their significance. I think Elizabeth's voice is strong in all forms of her writing, and my hope is that through reading her words you will be able to "feel" or experience a small fragment of this remarkable and complex woman.

On occasion, I will provide an in-text  link to some wonderful trusted sites; I have provided them so that, if you want to know even more about the particular document, or view an image of the actual letter, you can with just the click of a button! Just remember to come back to BeingBess when you are done! ;)