Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1536: The End of Two Tudor Queens

Catherine of Aragon's tomb in Peterborough Cathedral. Picture shared for public use on Wikimedia Commons by the photographer, TTaylor.

On this day in Tudor history in 1536, two significant events happened.

The body of Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was laid to rest in Peterborough Cathedral.

Also on the same day of the very same year, Henry VIII's second queen, Elizabeth I's mother, Anne Boleyn, suffered her final miscarriage. A mere four months later she would be dead, her head severed from her body by the executioner's sword.

"Anne Boleyn receiving proof of Henry's passion for Jane Seymour", a 19th century engraving from the novel, Windsor Castle. Picture acquired via Inor19 on Flickr.

These two queens, adversaries by necessity in life, would be united in death, as both were ill-treated and discarded by the same man, Elizabeth's father, Henry VIII.