Friday, February 1, 2013

On This Day in Elizabethan History: Elizabeth I signs Mary Stuart's Death Warrant

The Babington Plot letter from Anthony Babington. Image from Barb Alexander's Pinterest page.

On this day in Elizabethan history in 1587, after much deliberation, Queen Elizabeth I signed the warrant for her cousin, Mary Stuart's execution. Mary, the former Queen of Scots had been found guilty of treason back in October of the previous year. To learn more about Mary Stuart's involvement in the elaborate Babington Plot, which led to her still-controversial conviction of treason, please visit out article here.

Also, please share your questions and comments below. Do you think Mary, Queen of Scots was guilty of plotting against Queen Elizabeth's life? Do you question the validity of the treason charge? Was Walsingham's method of obtaining proof of Mary Stuart's guilt ingenious or entrapment? I would love to hear your opinions, since this is still a historical event that Tudor-philes are passionate about.