Sunday, January 6, 2013

On This Day in Elizabethan History: Shane O'Neill Visits England; Walter Raleigh is Honored

Two important events occurred on this day in Elizabethan history, in 1562 and 1585.

In 1562, Queen Elizabeth I hosted the Irish Chieftain of Ulster, Shane O'Neill, at her court. Queen Elizabeth hoped that this diplomatic gesture, made in good faith, would help to remedy the Anglo-Irish tensions that were by now centuries old.

A miniature attributed to court painter Levina Teerlinc and probably of Queen Elizabeth I, circa 1565. Picture acquired through Wikimedia Commons. Image public domain.

You can read more about Shane O'Neill, 16th century Irish uprisings, and the Elizabethan presence in Ireland, in our BeingBess article here.

Also on this day, in 1585, Queen Elizabeth knighted Walter Raleigh, making him a "sir". 

You can read more about Sir Walter Raleigh and his illustrious career, as well as his horrible demise, here.

A portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh, circa 1588, the year of the attempted invasion of England by the Spanish Armada. Picture acquired through Wikimedia Commons. Image public domain.
Also, on this day in Tudor history, in 1540, Henry VIII married his fourth wife, Anna of Cleves, at the Palace of Placentia, Greenwich. The marriage lasted roughly six months; no fool, Anna agreed to a divorce, and retired in comfort, living in England with the preferential status of "the King's sister".

A letter signed by Anna during her brief tenure as Queen: "Anna the Quenen". Image courtesy of Matthew Ward/History Needs You via Pinterest. Image public domain.
For more information on Henry VIII's oft-overlooked but fascinating wife, we recommend reading: Anne of Cleves: Henry VIII's Discarded Bride by Elizabeth Norton.

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