Thursday, October 4, 2012

'I, Elizabeth' Play Continues to Earn Praise

Rebecca Vaughn in I, Elizabeth. Photo from the Berwick Advertiser Online.

Several months ago, I reported on the exciting one-woman play I, Elizabeth, created by and starring actress Rebecca Vaughn. Using original source material, Vaughn's script "delves deeper into the struggles and inner demons of a woman who to many seemed untouchable but at times was like a graceful swan on the surface but a frightened cygnet paddling away underneath."  

The play has been praised by critics and audiences alike; it was recently brought to The Maltings in Berwick by Dyad Productions. 

A new article in 'The Guide' of the Berwick Advertiser delves into Vaughn's inspiration for the show, and her creative process. The insightful article concludes with Vaughn's lament, "...I think saying goodbye to Elizabeth will prove very hard for me.”

While all shows must come to an end, I have no doubt that Vaughn will never leave the captivating Queen Elizabeth I behind completely!