Monday, July 16, 2012

The Herstory Project: Eleanor of Aquitaine Podcast by Ashlie Jensen on Chick History

I was honored to be asked to participate in Rebecca Price's inspiring #HerStory project for 2012, published exclusively on her website, Chick History. The goal of this unique project is to, 

"...tell the stories of 52 women, not through names and dates of textbooks, but through the voices of contemporary women."

I signed on to the project for several reasons; firstly, because Ms. Price, (as well as Janice Formichella) and myself had combined forces on a previous project, and I enjoyed working with these gracious, accomplished women very much. Secondly, I chose to participate because my greatest goal in life is to inspire little girls to fall in love with history. #Herstory is yet another wonderful medium to assist in accomplishing that goal; as Ms. Price says on her website,

"#HerStory is also an empowering way for contemporary women to express their gratitude to these historical women, by becoming an advocate and amplifier of their lives - sharing their stories with the larger world so that others may also find inspiration in their lives"

Since Ms. Price (and Ms. Formichella) and I are planning on working together on another joint project about Elizabeth I in the near future, I was asked to entertain the idea of highlighting someone other than Good Queen Bess for the #HerStory podcast. Two names immediately sprung to mind: the "Empress" Matilda Plantagenet, and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Since Eleanor was one of the first woman in history I came to admire, along with Elizabeth, I decided to tell her story...

A contemporary drawing of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Picture acquired through Wikimedia Commons. Image public domain.

I hope you enjoy listening to or downloading the podcast; please let me know what you think by leaving comments below, or on Rebecca's site!