Thursday, March 8, 2012

BeingBess Featured in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette! (Article & Video)

At the museum where I work, it is currently our annual Women in Armor month, coinciding with Women's History Month. My fantastic boss arranged for the city paper to come and visit the museum and learn about this months exciting programming. He thoughtfully arranged for me to be interviewed, filmed, and photographed for an article about my Elizabeth I programs, Queen Elizabeth I Addresses the Troops at Tilbury, and An Audience with the Queen, both of which are running this weekend.

I would like to share the online article link with you all, and if you are compelled to do so you can click on it and read more about what I do and why. I also hope you will click on the embedded video (in the upper right hand side of this blog's homepage!) or the direct link below to view the video that accompanies the article, featuring an interview with my boss, myself as Elizabeth I, and some clips of the museum . It also includes a brief clip of me delivering the Tilbury speech.

Article link.

Video link.

Please comment and let me know what you all think!