Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Great Day for Bess...

Dearest Readers,

I apologize for not updating recently! I have been very busy at work, and all the while thinking, I hope I have a chance to update Being Bess soon...

My wonderful job has once again allowed me to nurture my mission of sharing Elizabeth's legacy with the world. In a addition to an exciting new exhibit opening on the evening of the 21st, Extreme Sport: The Joust, I was asked to appear, as Queen Elizabeth I, at our most recent evening museum event The Tournament of Wines. The event was a fundraiser for the museum that featured quality wines, gourmet foods and exciting raffles, and amidst the festivities I did have the opportunity to talk to a lot of visitors about who I was, and what I was wearing, as well as take pictures with guests. I was also able to debut my new replica Dangers Averted medal, one of the commemorative coins Queen Elizabeth had issued and distributed to the veterans of the Armada conflict during the Spanish War. I retained my persona all night, interacting with guests and my two armored co-workers. The night was a success for the museum, and also a victory for Elizabeth!

I am delighted to inform you that in my spare moments I have been compiling a series of mini-articles to release to you daily, to renew your interest in the site and to hopefully gather new readers. Please spread the word, and I will be indebted to you!

Coming tomorrow is a new mini article for the blog-the first of many. I also intend to complete my article for Natalie at On the Tudor Trail, which she had asked for, and has been very patiently awaiting; it will be premiering exclusively on her wonderful blog.